How Accessible Minds Mitigated Legal Risk
How Accessible Minds Mitigated Legal Risk

How Accessible Minds Mitigated Legal Risk and Enhanced Digital Accessibility for a Law Firm

In 2022; our client, a well-known law firm in the US, became aware of the importance of accessible digital content. However, like many organizations; they faced uncertainty in achieving their accessibility goals. As they focus on this aspect, their internal advocates realized that their in-house resources were not fully prepared to handle this initiative.

In response; our client sought the expertise of Accessible Minds, to ensure that their digital content would be inclusive and accessible to everyone. This case study explores the impactful collaboration between our client and Accessible Minds, highlighting how this partnership empowered our client to bridge the accessibility gap and ensure the long-term accessibility of their digital assets.

About the Client:

Our client, a nonprofit learning organization, is committed to training attorneys and professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise. Their mission revolves around delivering top-notch; accredited continuing legal and professional education programs in a wide range of formats. These programs are led by over 4,000 esteemed volunteer faculty members, consisting of prominent lawyers, judges, investment bankers, accountants, corporate counsel and government regulators from both the United States and international spheres. Their dedication to providing the highest quality education ensures that legal and professional practitioners stay at the forefront of their fields.


Two primary drivers drove our clients to prioritize accessibility within their organization.

Firstly, they recognized the prime significance of having an inclusive website that catered to all their customers, ensuring seamless access to their products and services. As a forward-thinking learning organization, PLI offered a wide array of online and digital resources, ranging from webcasts to digital publications and exam preparation materials. Failing to ensure accessibility would not only result in a subpar experience for their customers but also expose them to potential litigation and reputational damage.
The second driving force behind our client’s accessibility journey stemmed from external advocates who highlighted areas requiring accessibility improvements. These advocates further bolstered the internal consensus on the importance of accessibility, solidifying the case for organizational buy-in.
Upon deciding to address the accessibility challenge, our client boarded on extensive research to understand how to create an accessible website, train their staff to develop inclusive content and implement ongoing accessibility monitoring. It became evident that their aspirations surpassed the capabilities of their internal resources, leading them to recognize the value of collaborating with a capable partner to kickstart their efforts.


Our client; in their quest to achieve accessibility goals, made the strategic decision to partner with Accessible Minds. Throughout their two-year collaboration; Accessible Minds successfully provided the following impactful solutions:

  1. Conducted comprehensive accessibility training sessions for our client’s Software Engineering and Product Management teams; empowering them with the knowledge and skills to develop accessible digital content.
  2. Performed multiple thorough manual accessibility reviews for our client’s website and digital assets, ensuring compliance and identifying areas for improvement.
  3. Collaborated on multiple iterations of Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) assessments, demonstrating our client’s commitment to accessibility and enhancing their transparency with stakeholders.
  4. Offered expert helpdesk support: enabling our client’s developers to address complex accessibility challenges and ensuring a smooth resolution process.
  5. Implemented a robust accessibility monitoring and testing framework utilizing Accessible Minds’ ARC Monitoring service. Additionally; our client benefited from the ARC Toolkit, a free Chrome plugin, enabling proactive identification of accessibility issues and timely remediation.
    By leveraging the expertise and services provided by Accessible Minds; our client made significant strides in enhancing digital accessibility; fostering inclusivity, and ensuring a seamless user experience for all individuals.


Through their partnership with Accessible Minds, our client has achieved impressive results in reducing WCAG violations; with a reduction of over 90% since the collaboration began. Their website; once plagued with inaccessible content, now offers an inclusive user experience. The development team has gained confidence in resolving accessibility issues and has improved its coding practices to prevent errors. With the tools, training, and internal processes implemented over the two-year partnership, our client is well-prepared to address future accessibility concerns and considers their accessibility goals accomplished.

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