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Accessible Minds provides a wide range of accessibility related services be it testing, recommendations for fixing, remediation, drafting VPATs, among others. We help businesses quickly identify the problems with their website’s accessibility and design and share recommendations for fixing these issues and also provide solutions. By using the latest assistive technologies, we offer all these solutions for a wide range of digital products be it be it websites, desktop apps, native apps, or documents.

Accessibility Testing Service

Accessibility experts at Accessible Minds use a combination of automated and manual testing to evaluate your website’s current level of accessibility.

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Recommendations for Fixing

Giving precise advice for the bugs found during the testing process is an essential component in implementing digital accessibility.

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Web Accessibility Development

We develop highly accessible websites for our client. Web accessibility is vital in this digital age because your website is probably valuable for users. 

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Design Review

Accessible Minds offers a thorough accessibility design review that draws attention towards the visual elements of the design like color contrast, positioning, etc.

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Drafting VPAT Service

Our team of experts at Accessible Minds are equipped with the required accessibility knowledge to accurately assist you in filing your VPAT.

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Website Remediation and Fixing

At Accessible Minds, we offer top-notch remediation services for apps and websites created on a range of platforms. Our skilled staff assist you in achieving your accessibility objectives.

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Document Accessibility

Accessibility of documents is just as crucial as accessibility of websites since offline resources can be just as valuable and instructive to users.

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