Accessible Canada Act (ACA)

Accessible Canada Act (ACA)

What is ACA?

Accessible Canada Act (ACA) is the Federal law in Canada. Its main motive for passing the law was to make a barrier-free country by 2040. Prior to the inspiration, Canada’s office for Disabilities performed a session campaign to solicit feedback from the general public on what the accessibility regulation should consist of. However, up until now, Canada has not had any country-wide accessibility legislation.

Who has to conform with Accessible Canada Act (ACA)?

As we know that Accessible Canada Act (ACA) is a federal level law that applies to nearby location of Canada. In simple words, we can say that it is applied to all federal organizations or any private organization that comes under federal jurisdiction such as –Banking, telecommunication, private businesses, parliament, agencies, Crown Corporations, etc. All these organizations need to have an accessible plan made with a proper strategy to improve the organization’s accessibility. Basically, Accessible Canada Act (ACA) is applied to sites that are related to any of the above organizations, Accessible Canada Act (ACA) is applied to it.

Web Accessibility Development

We develop highly accessible websites for our client. Web accessibility is vital in this digital age because your website is probably valuable for users. 

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