Website Remediation

Website Remediation and Fixing

We at Accessible Minds provide excellent remediation services for websites and apps made on a variety of platforms. Our highly qualified workforce helps you fulfil your accessibility goal by providing you remediation services based on the knowledge of WAI-ARIA, WCAG among other best accessibility practices. Our website remediation services also adhere to WCAG 2.1 and Section 5O8 requirements. Regardless of which content management system you use, be it WordPress, HTML/CSS, Squarespace, or any other system, we can repair it. We offer code and stylesheet repairs to address fundamental accessibility issues that appear on numerous pages throughout your website.

Website remediation and fixing service of Accessible Minds helps your company to have a website that has required compliance with W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Website content Fixing: If you check, any website is generally managed by one person or a small team but most of the time, the content of the website is not in an accessible format which means, the images don’t have alt text, videos don’t have captions and HTML markup of the pages are deprecated or invalid. They need to hire a website accessibility remediation service to ensure that the content is in compliance with W3C guidelines.

Theme and template Remediation: There are many themes in WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS that have accessibility errors. People with disabilities can have trouble accessing those websites. Our Accessibility remediation and fixing services help to address the accessibility issues related to the theme, style, and template of one or multiple pages of the website. We update the accessibility barriers like HTML/CSS syntax errors, keyboard accessibility problems, images without alt text, contrast errors, and many more and retest to ensure that it meets all the required compliances.

Navigation and Form Remediation: If the website is not accessible by the keyboard without any help from a mouse, then it cannot be used with assistive technology. The users may find problems like being unable to fill up the contact us form, unable to make the selection in the main navigation section due to short duration, find it difficult to navigate the job application form. With our website remediation and fixing service; we update all the navigation and form to access them with the keyboard.