Expert Accessibility Evaluation

Accessibility Testing Service

Accessibility Testing Service

Accessibility experts at Accessible Minds ensure your website’s current accessibility compliance level as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) guidelines, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 standards by using a combination of automated and manual testing. And then depending on the analysis, we provide you a detailed report including all the changes required to make your website accessible.
In order to get the greatest coverage from the viewpoint of the end user, our professionals conduct testing while keeping in mind a multitude of user groups. We follow the paired testing methodologies where we use non-sighted testers along with sighted testers to get best result .This guarantees that the product is usable by user groups with visual, hearing, cognitive, motor, and other forms of disabilities.


What is Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility Testing refers to the process of assessing digital content, websites, or applications to ensure they meet accessibility standards and guidelines. It involves checking for barriers that may hinder access for individuals with disabilities and identifying areas that need improvement to enhance overall accessibility.

Why should I consider Accessibility Testing Services?

Accessibility Testing Services are significant to ensure your digital assets are inclusive and accessible to all users; including those with disabilities. By engaging professionals with expertise in Accessibility Testing, you can identify and address accessibility issues proactively, leading to a more user-friendly and compliant digital presence.

What are Accessibility Testing Experts?

Accessibility Testing Experts are skilled professionals who specialize in assessing digital content for accessibility compliance. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of accessibility standards, guidelines, and best practices, allowing them to perform comprehensive evaluations and recommend necessary improvements to enhance accessibility.

What are the common accessibility issues that testing services address?

Accessibility Testing Services commonly address issues such as insufficient color contrast, missing or inadequate alternative text for images, inaccessible navigation, keyboard navigation problems, improper use of ARIA attributes, and the lack of proper semantic structure in web content. These issues can hinder individuals with disabilities from using digital products effectively.

How can Accessibility Testing Services benefit my organization?

Engaging Accessibility Testing Services can bring numerous benefits to your organization. These services employ specialized tools and techniques to perform thorough accessibility tests, ensuring your digital assets comply with accessibility standards. By identifying and resolving accessibility issues early on, you can avoid potential legal concerns, improve user experience, and demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all users.