Web Accessibility Development

Web Accessibility Development

Accessibility Development Service

At Accessible Minds, we develop websites that are highly accessible to the clients. In this digital age, web accessibility is important because the website is the representation of your business to users. Therefore, you must make sure it reaches the majority of customers, including those who are impaired. We have a team of skilled and experienced accessible developers with a collaborative experience of 10+ years in web accessibility. Our experts use proper CMS that supports accessibility along with an accessible theme/template, modules, plugins, and widgets. Our developers follow all the best accessibility practices as per the standards of WAI-ARIA, WCAG. 

We are specialized in designing and building accessible websites for legal compliance and to ensure your site is accessible to everybody. We also design your site that complies with Section 508 requirements and WCAG guidelines by keeping both audience and context in mind. 

Team Accessible Minds will help you to develop a website that is completely accessible to people with a physical disability. No matter, what is the level of disability, every user must access the website with our web accessibility development services.

Website Development: With extensive experience, our team can successfully design and develop a website that is fully accessible and meets all the required standards of W3C guidelines. We offer a wide range of web accessibility services and solutions. From theme customization to CMS building for profile websites, e-commerce websites, and all others. Our experienced team is able to develop a website for a range of frameworks like WordPress, Square Space, Shopify, and languages like AngularJS, HTML, PHP, JQuery, and CSS.

Inclusive Design: Taking down digital barriers is a priority for accessibility. The inclusive design takes into account a user’s socioeconomic background, viewpoints, and culture. Accessibility is a step in the inclusive design process that opens up a product to all users. Our Web Accessibility Development Experts take great care to ensure that the product is accessible to the widest possible user base.

WordPress Website Design: When you develop a website that is accessible; you ensure that people with disability can use them with ease. We follow an inclusive method to remove all the barriers for the users so that they can use the internet. Our team of web accessibility development services has the expertise to develop WordPress website that meets ADA and AODA compliances.

Our Web Accessibility Features: 

  • Proper use of accessible CMS. 
  • Accessible Enquiry Forms 
  • Web content that are keyboard accessible.  
  • We use ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) roles and landmarks wherever necessary. 
  • Proper use of colors
  • Use unique links with descriptive names 

We have expertise in Web Accessibility Development using below mentioned Technologies: 

  • WordPress 
  • Shopify
  • ReactJS
  • HTML5 and CSS3 


What are Web Accessibility Development Services?

Web Accessibility Development Services encompass the process of creating and enhancing websites and web applications to ensure they are accessible to all users, including individuals with disabilities. These services involve implementing design, coding, and development practices that adhere to accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG); to provide a seamless and inclusive user experience.

What do Digital Accessibility Services entail?

Digital Accessibility Services cover a range of activities aimed at improving the accessibility of websites and web applications. This includes conducting accessibility audits and evaluations to identify existing barriers, designing accessible user interfaces, optimizing content for screen readers, implementing keyboard navigation support, adding alternative text for images and ensuring compliance with relevant accessibility guidelines.

Why should I invest in Website Accessibility Testing Services?

Website Accessibility Remediation is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures compliance with accessibility laws and regulations, reducing the risk of potential legal issues and promoting a positive brand image. Secondly, it expands your website's reach to a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities, leading to increased user engagement and potential business opportunities. Lastly, an accessible website fosters a more inclusive online environment, demonstrating your commitment to providing an equal user experience for all visitors.

How do Web Accessibility Development experts contribute to the process?

Yes, Website Remediation and Fixing Services can be customized to address the specific accessibility needs of your website. The remediation process begins with an accessibility audit to identify the specific barriers present on your website. Based on the findings, a tailored plan is created to fix the issues and improve overall accessibility. This ensures that the remediation efforts align with your website's unique design and content.

Can Digital Accessibility Testing Services be integrated into an existing website?

While the recommendations from a Design Review for Accessibility are not mandatory; they are highly valuable for achieving inclusive design and meeting accessibility standards. Following these recommendations demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and ensures that your digital product provides an equal user experience for everyone. Moreover, adhering to accessibility guidelines can help your organization avoid potential legal issues related to accessibility compliance.