Case Study: Enhancing Accessibility through Visual Elements Review
Case Study: Enhancing Accessibility through Visual Elements Review

Enhancing Accessibility through Visual Elements Review

Client: A Technology Corporation

Industry: Technology and Innovation

Challenge: Improving Accessibility through Visual Elements


A forward-thinking Technology Corporation, is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. They sought to enhance the accessibility of their digital products and services to ensure that all users, regardless of their abilities, could interact with their offerings seamlessly. To achieve this, they partnered with Accessible Minds, a leading accessibility consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive Visual Elements Review.

Client Objectives

  1. Ensure compliance with accessibility standards, including WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  2. Identify and address visual elements that might pose barriers to users with disabilities.
  3. Improve the user experience for all customers, promoting inclusivity and diversity.
  4. Align with industry best practices in accessibility to stay competitive and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

The Accessible Minds Approach

Accessible Minds assigned a team of experienced accessibility experts to work closely with the Technology Corporation’s development and design teams. The process consisted of the following key steps:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: The Accessible Minds team conducted a detailed assessment of the Technology Corporation’s digital platforms, including websites, applications, and mobile interfaces.
  • Visual Elements Review: This phase involved a thorough examination of all visual elements, such as images, icons, buttons, and graphs. The team assessed these elements for their compliance with accessibility guidelines and identified potential issues.
  • Accessibility Testing: Real users with varying disabilities were engaged to test the visual elements for usability. This hands-on testing ensured that the solutions were practical and user-friendly.
  • Report and Recommendations: Accessible Minds provided a comprehensive report detailing the identified accessibility issues and provided clear, actionable recommendations to address them.

Results and Outcomes

The partnership with Accessible Minds yielded significant results for the Technology Corporation:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: By addressing the identified issues, the Technology Corporation significantly improved the accessibility of its digital products and services, ensuring compliance with WCAG and other standards.
  • Positive User Feedback: Users with disabilities reported a more inclusive and user-friendly experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Competitive Advantage: The Technology Corporation’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity positioned them as leaders in their industry, attracting a more diverse user base and demonstrating social responsibility.
  • Mitigation of Legal Risks: By proactively addressing accessibility issues, the client reduced the risk of potential legal challenges related to digital accessibility compliance.


The partnership between the Technology Corporation and Accessible Minds exemplifies the positive impact of accessibility initiatives on digital products and services. By conducting a Visual Elements Review and implementing recommended changes, the Technology Corporation not only improved the user experience for individuals with disabilities but also gained a competitive edge and reinforced their commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Accessible Minds remains dedicated to helping organizations like these make their digital spaces accessible to all, ensuring that the digital world is truly inclusive.

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