Why Digital Accessibility Is the Platform to Merge Diversity And Inclusion

When we talk about business priority, diversity and inclusion have become an integral part of the business landscape. Every accessibility leader must be aware of the value of diversity and inclusion to stay ahead in this competitive market. These two factors have become the benchmark to attain the desired accessibility standard for digital assets. It’s crucial to comprehend the essential benefits that inclusive firms will experience on the route to digital accessibility.

Before we talk in detail, let’s take a look at the basic things that every entrepreneur must know before launching their website or application.

What are Diversity and Inclusion and what are the differences?

When we use any website or application, diversity and inclusion are used in tandem to get the best user experience. When any website comes with a screen reader it will help the visually impaired people to get all the information. It is diversity that understands and recognizes the different needs of every single user and provides the best possible result.

To embrace diversity in every aspect of the design and development of the website and application is called inclusion. It is a way to make sure every user of the web is cherished and the business valued their needs. It will increase customers’ loyalty to a different level.

How Digital Accessibility is Driving Diversity and Inclusion?

The Pandemic has compelled everyone to shift digital platforms in every possible way. For that reason, people have become more dependent on different websites and applications. Making them inclusive will diversify the customer base.

There are many leading companies that are already sensing the paradigm change and incorporating accessibility features.

  • Microsoft has incorporated an accessibility checker within Office Word so that every document saved has assured accessibility.
  • In Microsoft Teams, they have enabled the feature of blurred background to enhance lip reading capability
  • In the new UI of Spotify, they have changed the color, font style and size and size of the buttons to make the interface accessible
  • In Tiktok, the subtitles are automatically generated with automated closed captions
  • Procter and Gamble has a separate spot in their advertisement with audio descriptions
  • To minimize external noise distractions, Apple has come up with new background sound functions

Companies like Accessible Minds are pushing the boundaries of possibilities in the web accessibility sector. We are testing the website, application, and documents for accessibility and providing remediation. We also transform the documents into digitally accessible formats so that maximum users get the advantage of the information.