Accessible Minds Performs Accessibility Testing for Global Consumer Goods Website
Accessible Minds Performs Accessibility Testing for Global Consumer Goods Website

Accessible Minds Performs Accessibility Testing for Global Consumer Goods Website

While doing business in this digital era; ensuring that websites are accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities, has become an important aspect of web development. At Accessible Minds, we recently took on a challenging project to perform accessibility testing for a global consumer goods website. This case study highlights our collaboration with the client, the challenges we faced, the solutions we provided, and the results we achieved through our expertise.

About the Client:

Our client, a prominent global consumer goods company, operates an e-commerce website that serves customers worldwide. With a wide range of products available on their website, they aimed to provide an inclusive and seamless online shopping experience for all users. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the client sought our assistance at Accessible Minds to ensure their website complied with international accessibility standards.


The client’s website posed several challenges in terms of accessibility. Some of the key challenges we identified were:

Compliance with accessibility guidelines: The website needed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to ensure compatibility with assistive technologies and provide equal access to all users.
Complex interactive elements: The website included intricate interactive elements, such as dynamic menus, product customization features, and complex forms. Ensuring the accessibility of these elements required a comprehensive testing approach.
Multilingual support: As a global company, the client’s website offers content in multiple languages. Ensuring accessibility across all language variations presented an additional challenge for us at Accessible Minds.

Solutions We Provide:

At Accessible Minds, we employ a systematic approach to tackle accessibility challenges and provide a solution tailored to the client’s requirements. The key solutions we implemented were:

Accessibility audit: We conducted a thorough accessibility audit of the client’s website, examining its compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards. This involved analyzing the website’s structure, design, navigation, and interactive components.
Manual testing and assistive technology: Our team of accessibility experts performed manual testing using a variety of assistive technologies, including screen readers, magnification tools, and keyboard-only navigation. This approach allowed us to identify and address accessibility barriers faced by users with disabilities.
Remediation guidance: We provided detailed recommendations and actionable steps to address accessibility issues identified during the audit and testing phase. These recommendations covered areas such as colour contrast, keyboard accessibility, alternative text for images, and proper labelling of form fields.


The collaboration between Accessible Minds and the client led to significant improvements in the website’s accessibility. Some of the notable results we achieved were:

WCAG 2.1 compliance: Through our rigorous accessibility testing and remediation process, the client’s website achieved conformance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA, ensuring a high standard of accessibility for users with disabilities.
Enhanced user experience: By addressing accessibility barriers, the client’s website became more user-friendly and inclusive. Users with visual impairments, mobility limitations, or other disabilities could now navigate and interact with the website seamlessly.
Expanded audience reach: The improved accessibility of the website allowed the client to reach a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities who might have faced barriers previously. This expansion of the customer base contributed to increased engagement and potential sales.


Through our expertise in accessibility testing and remediation, Accessible Minds successfully helped a global consumer goods company enhance the accessibility of its website. By addressing complex challenges and ensuring compliance with international accessibility standards, we enabled the client to provide an inclusive online experience for all users. This case study exemplifies the importance of accessibility testing in today’s digital landscape and highlights our commitment at Accessible Minds to creating a more accessible and inclusive online world.