Accessible Minds Help A Company in Demand Letter Validation


As the number of internet users is growing every day; it has become mandatory to ensure the accessibility of any web asset. Websites that fail to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities are facing a rush of demand letters and lawsuits. Recently, Accessible Minds has helped a company with demand letter validation.

About the client

The client is a leading USA-based photo printing company. They offer their service across the country. On their website, the users have to upload their images, make collages or designs, and order prints. The online printing service provider then prints as per the requirements and delivers the images to the doorstep of their customers.

What did they want?

The client has received a demand letter regarding the standard of accessibility of their website. They reach Accessible Minds as we are a leading accessibility service provider. They were looking for assistance in validating the demand letter and navigating the legal process.


Our US-based client was facing potential legal action for the website in accessibility which could have resulted in financial penalties and damages to their reputation. The client was not sure how to respond to the demand letter. They were in need of expert guidance to effectively address the legal challenge. That was the time Accessible Minds come into the picture.

Solutions We Provide:

Accessible Minds swiftly responded to the client’s request for assistance and began by conducting a thorough review of the demand letter to validate its legitimacy. The team of accessibility experts at Accessible Minds carefully examined the claim, assessing the alleged accessibility issues on the client’s website based on industry standards, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and 2.1.
Upon validating the demand letter, Accessible Minds devised a comprehensive strategy to assist the client in the legal process. This included developing a response plan, drafting a detailed and legally sound response to the demand letter, and providing guidance on how to present the response in court, if necessary.
Throughout the legal process, Accessible Minds worked closely with the client, providing continuous support and expert advice. The team coordinated with the client’s legal counsel team and ensured that all necessary steps were taken to effectively address the demand letter and protect the client’s interests.


With the help of an expert team of Accessible Minds, the online printing service provider was able to respond effectively to the demand letter and resolve the legal matter in the most favorable manner. They were able to avoid costly penalties along with the scope of reputation damage. We have also addressed the accessibility issues on the website. Our team has demonstrated a proactive approach to accessibility compliance.
Moreover, the online printing solution was finally able to enhance the accessibility standard of the website with our help. We have made it more inclusive and accommodating for the use of people with disabilities. This not only helped the client comply with accessibility regulations but also improved the overall user experience for all website visitors.